Friday, February 20, 2009

missed days, february 19, 2009: then i ran across another gossip girl set on
east 73rd the next day. they're everywhere.

missed days, february 17-18, 2009: my first day of work, gossip girl was filmed
in front of the museum. a week later, ugly betty right across the street.

Friday, February 6, 2009

missed days, february 04- 06, 2009: new commute

Whitney Museum of American Art

missed days, february 02- 03, 2009: starting at the whitney, employee entrance
missed days, february 01, 2009: marketing on a grand scale, east river, new york city

Donut Plant, New York City

missed days, january 31: donut plant, 379 grand st., my favorite new york donuts
missed days, january 30, 2009: bakery

missed days, january 29, 2008: diner, 14th street, nyc